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NOTE: All towns are in New Jersey unless otherwise specified.

The teachers are not listed in any particular order.

Name Instrument(s) Town Contact
Woodwinds Top
Megan Beaumont Clarinet, Saxophone Bogota 304-741-5302
Dimitry Chernavsky Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Recorder, Trumpet Livingston 973-865-7600
Daniel Rath Flute Maplewood 212-960-3942
Jessica Valiente Flute, Piccolo, Recorders Montclair 646-597-2667
Julie Pacheco Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Piano, Violin Maplewood 215-932-8277
Anthony Feriechia Flute Plainfield 908-754-6301
Caren Maroney Flute Montclair 973-746-1319
Sal Granato Flute East Orange 973-674-8009
Deborah Venezia Flute, Piccolo Whippany 973-428-8966
Holly Pearson Flute, Piccolo Millburn 973-762-4878
Jill Sokol Flute, Piccolo, Alto Flute, Bass Flute South Orange 516-459-1089
Lee Koss Flute, Piccolo, Music Theory Millburn 973-670-1466
Mary Landolfi Flute, Piccolo West Orange 973-736-1873
Pamela Taylor Flute, Piccolo Easton, PA 610-515-9152
Dan Spitzer Clarinets, Saxophones River Edge 201-694-4268
Les Silver Clarinet Livingston 973-994-9531
Stephen Berkelhammer Oboe, English Horn, Recorders Springfield 201-452-8375
Andrew Adelson Oboe West Orange 917-225-8557
Jim Mignola Oboe Upper Montclair 973-744-2987
Lynne Cohen Oboe Chatham 973-635-9836
Marsha Heller Oboe Leonia 201-944-6443
Kathi Jo Bryant Oboe, Oboe D'Amore,
English Horn, Bass Oboe
Orange 973-676-6750
Dominick Ferrara Bassoon Bloomfield 973-338-8140
Andrew Van Tassel Saxophone (all including jazz), Beginning Piano New York, NY E-mail
John D'Aurelio Saxophones, Clarinet Maplewood 973-762-6126
Kiran Mascarenhas Saxophone, Piano Maplewood E-mail
Brass Top
Dimitry Chernavsky Trumpet, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Recorder Livingston 973-865-7600
Rick Faulkner Trombone, Baritone/Euphonium, Tuba, Trumpet, Music Theory, Jazz Improvisation Montclair 646-597-2681
Bruce McKinney Trumpet Cranford 908-931-0839
Donald Batchelder Trumpet West Orange 973-736-7299
Sam Schneider Trumpet, Horn, Music Theory   201-618-6769
Tom McGee Trumpet, Music Theory Maplewood 973-378-3484
Bob Ferrel Trumpet, Trombone Lincoln Park 973-692-1763
Steve Kimmons Horn, Conducting West Orange 201-563-2270
Leah Van Doornik Horn South Orange 973-821-5427
Amy Emelianoff Horn West Orange 973-736-2024
Linda Lovstad Horn Sparta 973-827-3118
Lynn Tucci Horn Verona 973-857-3865
Sam Schneider Horn, Trumpet, Music Theory   201-618-6769
Britta Langsjoen Trombone, Baritone, Flute, Music Theory Maplewood 917-369-1879
Ben Williams Trombone, Baritone, Trumpet Maplewood 973-761-1249
Jim Buchanan Trombone, Double Bass, Maplewood 973-761-4672
Vernon Lawson Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba Maplewood 973-275-5378
Percussion (excluding piano) Top
Greg Buford Percussion West Orange 862 264-3307
Edward Shea Percussion Maplewood 917-763-1286
Chris Tarantino Percussion Convent Station 973-401-9731
Glenn Weber Percussion West Orange 973-736-3113
John Straus Percussion Maplewood 973-378-9786
Marc Adler Percussion Millburn 973-912-0339
Stringed Instruments (including the violin and guitar families, excluding piano) Top
Julie Pacheco Violin, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Piano Maplewood 215-932-8277
Brenda Vincent Violin New York, NY 212-567-6288
Byung Kook Kwak Violin Bayside, NY 718-279-8207
Claire Couchman Violin Scotch Plains 908-889-6159
Elena Oboukhova Violin Maplewood 973-275-0177
Elzbieta Winnicka Violin Union 908-686-2834
Etleva Vatoci Violin, Viola Summit 908-377-0635
Francine Storck Violin Livingston 973-994-3461
Gary Ianco Violin Clifton 973-449-7851
Gina D'Adamo Violin Millburn 973-921-0210
Jean Prabhu Violin Bloomfield 973-680-9850
Judith Yafet Violin Maplewood 973-763-5205
Mary Ann Mumm Violin Ridgewood 201-612-8513
Maureen Power Violin Maplewood 973-763-5855
Michele Hatcher Violin Montclair 973-655-1830
Mike Stratechuck Violin Maplewood 973-761-4368
Mrs. Kim Violin Short Hills 973-376-8938
Naomi Youngstein Violin West Orange 973-243-0194
Orlando Wells Violin Livingston 973-517-8549
Oscar Ravina Violin Upper Montclair 973-744-1338
Patricia Liu Violin Wayne 973-633-7010
Mary Babiarz Violin, Viola Maplewood 973-763-0849
Andrea Dembinski Violin, Viola Flanders 973-252-4029
Annelie Fahlstedt Violin, Viola Upper Montclair 973-746-3594
Judy Eisner Violin, Viola Short Hills 973-379-7722
Leslie Webster Violin, Viola Madison 973-966-1101
LuBove Schnable Violin, Viola Fanwood 908-322-1845
Marie Tracy Violin, Viola Summit 973-273-7579
Nancie Lederer Violin, Viola West Caldwell 973-226-5593
Norma Auth Violin, Viola Maplewood 973-763-1156
Peggy LaVake Violin, Viola Cedar Grove 973-812-8038
Valerie Cianciosi Violin, Viola Verona 973-239-2948
Rita Marcus Violin, Viola, Cello Livingston 973-533-1830
Effie Latz Viola Maplewood 973-762-8596
​AsheLee Bonham Gahagan Cello, Piano Maplewood ​​202-329-9069
​Carolyn Jeselsohn Cello Maplewood ​​347-581-9379
Oliver Shapiro Cello, Piano Caldwell 973-953-1492
Bill Cook Cello Westfield 908-789-9097
Christine & Brennan Sweet Cello Verona 973-571-0844
Janusz Kubiak Cello West Paterson 973-812-0963
Joy Matthews Cello Summit 908-665-8558
Karen Conrad Cello Maplewood 973-763-8284
Karen Pinoci Cello Madison 973-377-6523
Marnie Keller Cello Convent Station 973-285-0391
Mr. Hesselink Cello Washington Heights, NY 212-927-8210
Mrs. Chen Cello West Caldwell 973-226-7752
Suzanne Bass Cello West Orange 973-669-2640
Jim Buchanan Double Bass, Trombone Maplewood 973-761-4672
Dennis Masuzzo Double Bass Montclair 973-509-1046
Jonathan Storck Bass Livingston 973-994-3461
Rich Fusco Guitar (acoustic, electric, classical, steel/acoustic slide), Music Theory Livingston 973-994-0852
Brian Kelly Guitar Maplewood 917-687-7437
John Brophy Guitar Maplewood Website
Courtney Sappington Guitar Maplewood 973-763-1240
Steve Gibb Guitar Maplewood 973-762-1316
Leighann Narum Guitar (Classical) Maplewood 973-763-5476
Deena Fried Guitar, Piano Millburn 973-761-0937
Piano/Keyboard Top
Julie Pacheco Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Violin Maplewood 215-932-8277
Birgit Matzerath Piano Maplewood ​​973-327-2154
​Peter Ncanywa Piano, Organ, Voice, Voice Theory Millburn ​​973-747-7509
​AsheLee Bonham Gahagan Piano, Cello Maplewood ​​202-329-9069
Alecia McClintock Piano West Orange 646-286-9555
Vicki Carter Piano East Orange 973-414-0089
Oliver Shapiro Piano, Cello Caldwell 973-953-1492
Carol Flamm Reingold Piano Maplewood 973-378-8566
Claudine Hickman Piano Maplewood 973-303-9280
Elizabeth Burnett Piano Maplewood 973-762-0576
Mel White Piano Maplewood 973-763-5926
Patricia Kinnucane Piano Maplewood 973-761-8586
Tricia Tunstall Piano Maplewood
Andrew Van Tassel Beginning Piano, Saxophone (all including jazz) New York, NY E-mail
Kiran Mascarenhas Piano, Saxophone Maplewood E-mail
Deena Fried Piano, Guitar Millburn 973-761-0937
Voice Top
​Peter Ncanywa Voice, Voice Theory, Piano, Organ Millburn ​​973-747-7509
Sofia J Lyons Voice Summit 917-922-6447
Holli Ross Voice, Voice Theory Maplewood 973-378-9560
Jane Erickson Voice, Voice Theory Maplewood 973-763-0394
Ken Magos Voice, Voice Theory Maplewood 973-275-9835
Music Theory Top
Rick Faulkner Music Theory, Jazz Improvisation, Trombone, Baritone/Euphonium, Tuba, Trumpet Montclair 646-597-2667
Rich Fusco Music Theory, Guitar (acoustic, electric, classical, steel/acoustic slide) Livingston 973-994-0852
Brian Kelly Guitar Maplewood 917-687-7437
​Peter Ncanywa Voice Theory, Voice, Piano, Organ Millburn ​​973-747-7509
Tom McGee Music Theory, Trumpet Maplewood 973-378-3484
Sam Schneider Music Theory, Horn, Trumpet   201-618-6769
Britta Langsjoen Music Theory, Trombone, Baritone, Flute Maplewood 917-369-1879
Holli Ross Voice Theory, Voice Maplewood 973-378-9560
Lee Koss Music Theory, Flute, Piccolo Millburn 973-670-1466
Jane Erickson Voice Theory, Voice Maplewood 973-763-0394
Ken Magos Voice Theory, Voice Maplewood 973-275-9835
Conducting Top
Steve Kimmons Conducting, Horn West Orange 201-563-2270

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