Thank You to All Our Donors!

Without public and private contributions, our free community concerts and music enrichment programs would not be possible.

This listing is our public acknowledgment of individuals, organizations and businesses who have made monetary donations, in-kind donations of services and items or have donated a significant amount of their time in support of Maplewood Community Music. In short, our community is what makes it all happen. If you would care to make a donation, it's never too late! No donation is too small and you may donate anonymously if you so desire.

All acknowledgments will be listed here for one year or for the term of the contribution or sponsorship.

We greatly appreciate your generosity. Thank you!

Major Supporters
Our Major Supporters provide an ongoing commitment to community music and the efforts of Maplewood Community Music to bring this type of music to our area. Funding special projects, providing free/reduced rate services and more provide the strong foundation on which we operate.
Maplewood Department of Recreation, Parks & Cultural Affairs
Keith Knudsen, Director
Michelle Wesley, Program Supervisor
Andrew Fishman, Cultural Affairs Coordinator
Thank you for your unending support since 2003.

Season Sponsors ($1000 or more)
Our Season Sponsors provide donations that will cover a significant portion of the expenses associated with preparing for and presenting the performances we host throughout the season.

Composer's Circle
($500 or more)
Conductor's Circle
($350 or more)
Soloist's Circle
($250 or more)

($100 or more)
($25 or more)
(Up to $25)
Jerry Ryan & Deborah Gaines Ryan
The McTague Family


Sheet Music Donations
New sheet music for our bands and smaller ensembles can cost $50 - $200+. We greatly appreciate direct donations of used sheet music, as well as monetary donations to our sheet music fund which is used for purchases of new sets of sheet music.
Year   Donor   Title   Composer   Arranger
2013   Anonymous   First Suite in E Flat for Military Band   Gustav Holst   Frederick Fennell

... and a Special Thanks to ...
First and foremost, a big thank you to all our enthusiastic audience members over the years. Without you, a band is nothing but a bunch of musicians rehearsing. While that can be an exciting experience in and of itself, it's no substitute for sharing our love of music, seeing the smiles and the tapping toes and seeing kids eyes light up when they hear a familiar tune.
Jim Buchanan Co-founder, Musical Director Emeritus, for his neverending support in every way, shape and form and without whom our organization would not exist
Susan Dillon Co-founder, for her vision of bringing community music to the Maplewood area and making it happen
Steve Kimmons Maplewood Concert Band Musical Director 2014 - present, for providing a smooth transition for the band and defining new performance experiences for our musicians and audiences.
Ben Williams Swing Town Musical Director, the driving force behind our amateur community big band and their commitment to bringing music to veterans, seniors and the entire community
Tom McGee Maplewood Concert Band Musical Director from 2009 - 2014, for going above and beyond in giving traditional and not so traditional community music experiences to hobbyist musicians and their audiences
Keith Knudson Director of the Department of Maplewood Recreation, Parks & Cultural Affairs for his unending support of our organization and its efforts to spread music throughout the area
Andrew Fishman Maplewood Cultural Affairs Coordinator for his support in our use of the Burgdorff Center for the Performing Arts as our home for performances and events
Andy Leech Former Maplewood Cultural Affairs Coordinator for his tremendous enthusiasm in supporting the community music tradition and his exceptional guidance in greatly increasing our visibility in communities
Carol Buchanan President of the Hilton Neighborhood Association, for her help with spreading the word
Elyse Carter for creating all our beautiful concert programs
Highland Place Management & Staff for generously hosting Swing Town performances over the years and allowing us to enhance the dining experience of its patrons