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    • MCM accepts a variety of in-kind donations such as sheet music, stage equipment, office supplies, services and more.

Maplewood Community Music, Inc., hereinafter referred to as MCM, is a NJ nonprofit organization and public charity. MCM is tax exempt as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In accordance with IRS regulations, your contribution may be eligible for a tax deduction. Please consult with your tax adviser or the IRS to determine whether your contribution is deductible.

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Our Current Sponsors & Donors

Why should I make a donation? What is Maplewood Community Music's role in my community?

  • Inspiring Audiences — Maplewood Community Music has been providing free performances for audiences of all ages throughout the area for more than 10 years. These performances reach children, families, seniors, veterans and more and enrich their lives with classical, jazz, holiday, patriotic and many other genres of music. It has long been known that both listening to and playing music increases a child's capacity for learning in many other areas. Music can improve memory and concentration and reduce stress which can provide great value given the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

  • Enriching Musicians — Maplewood Community Music forms amateur bands to allow all musicians, especially hobbyists, to continue to develop and share their love of music, meet and learn from other musicians and provide concerts that enrich themselves as well as the community. Being in "the band" in school was a great feeling for many, but most do not continue to play after school. As adults, we tend to forget ourselves in our work. MCM gives these musicians the opportunity to get back to the pleasure and enjoyment of creating music.

  • Expanding the Cultural Arts — Maplewood area communities are lucky to have access to community bands as part of their local arts programs. Not all towns are so fortunate. The tradition of the American community band reaches back more than two centuries and it would be reasonable to say that nearly everyone knows someone in or enjoyed the performance of a community band. Many bands today have existed for over 100 years - a true indication that the community band continues to play a strong role in the overall community experience.

What will MCM do with my donation?

First and foremost, the organization will continue to exist and, hopefully, expand to provide even more to the community through music. The MCM objectives and the benefits of your donation include:

#1 - Providing hobbyist musicians with an opportunity to join community bands/ensembles.

  • donations cover the expenses of our bands such as musical directors, sheet music, musical instruments, folders, stands and regular rehearsal space
  • our smaller ensembles require sheet music and rehearsal space

#2 - Performing free concerts for audiences of all ages including children, seniors and veterans, at various public & private venues.

  • contributions help alleviate the cost of a musical director, a venue, equipment rental (as needed) and more

#3 - Partnering with local organizations to provide music-related enrichment programs for everyone, especially our youth.

  • events such as instrument zoos, music demonstrations, town events and more require sheet music and supplies

#4 - Providing free live music for local events that strengthen our communities (e.g, HarvestFest, Art Walk & Music Fest).

  • sheet music and supplies

In addition to the items above, there are costs associated with publicity (graphic design and reproduction), music maintenance, insurance, licensing, fundraising, NJ fees and more!

To keep our administrative expenses as low as possible, the staff for event planning, operations, development/fundraising, marketing/publicity, financial management, information technology/website development and more are all done by our volunteers. There are no employees of Maplewood Community Music.

How else can I help?

Become a volunteer!

  • Much of what MCM does behind the scenes needs more people than we have to do the job. There are various activities that would benefit from as little or as much time as a volunteer can contribute. Activities include greeting event guests, staffing publicity tables, creative writing, photography and so much more.

Thank you for your consideration.